Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Around here

It has been time to blow off the cobwebs on my little blog here.  I have written many posts in my head they just haven't made it here.  Time for a change.

For quite some time I have been meaning to get more active.  Time for a change.

When everything else is done I get time to create.  Time for a change.

We have been in the middle of our biggest project yet - building a studio addition.  It has had some major complications but we are starting to see the other side.  I have learnt a lot from the process.  The best of which is when you fall down you get back up again.  But, this time you are stronger.

I have joined into a subscription  that Ali Edwards has put together called Story Stamp.  This month the theme is prompts.  I am all about telling my story.  This place is a great way to record it.

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