Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One Little Word - Brave

My 'one little word' for this year is BRAVE.    Last year my word was ENOUGH.  It worked so well.  I have been choosing words for a few years now. You can read more about OLW here.   I should say they have chosen me.  This year was no exception.  Last year I took part in Ali Edwards class for OLW.  It gave me great focus for the goals that I set and where I was headed with my word.  I had plans to do the same this year.  I got as far as choosing a focus for each month and putting it together in my new diary and there they have sat.  There is no point in going back and writing about what I was going to do.  I can't change that. Time to move forward.  To see where BRAVE takes me into the end of the year.    I love what Elise at enJOY it wrote in her thoughts on her word.  While she doesn't feel as active with her word.  She says 'I know what I want it to mean. I want it to mean "balanced, full and all-in." Some days I feel all of those things. Other days I feel like it's a load of crap'.  I know what she means.

Brave is a word that has been thrown about a lot.  I started with my word when I read this blog post at Mercy Ink  where she writes  'My passion is for you to be encouraged in the everyday, ordinary life stuff, while also being empowered to participate in God’s call to love the least of these, the orphans and widows, the hurt, lonely, broken,  and forgotten.'  Being brave is not just about me.  And with my love of music I love the anthem that she has chosen by Nichole Nordeman 'Brave'.  And every time Sara Bereilles 'Brave' comes on the radio I can't help but sing out loud.  There are books that I want to read on it, like this one and this one.

But it all starts here.  

This month my focus is brave organising.

I choose to
Start moving more
Sort my recipes for meal planning
Re-organise my scrapbooking supplies ready for the move into the studio
Refine my systems for planning and goal setting into what works for me

And I have been.  I have been making my way through the piles.  The things that have been thrown in to boxes and maybe even at one time were sorted.  In order to make way for new things we sometimes have to let go of what has come before.  Looking forward to sharing how it goes.

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