Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Self Care - Update

I mentioned in this post that I had been wanting to get moving more and make good choices about what I am eating.  I have been out walking at least twice a week and have been doing more on other days like getting in to the garden.  In a grocery shop a while back I bought some chia seeds and intended to use the excess of spinach that we had growing in the garden for some green smoothies.  I have pinned a number of recipes and ideas.  Another never got around to it idea.  But now I have.  I bought some more spinach and did what is suggested, make up packs to have in the freezer ready to go.  I kept it pretty simple - banana, spinach and berries.  I just add yoghurt, chia seeds and a little milk and I am good to go.  Amazing how just one little thing can get you on to something good.

Taking time to organise saves you time.

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