Sunday, September 21, 2014

Baking packs

With four boys it takes some doing keeping them feed.  Baking only lasts a little while. So there must be an easier way than resorting to buying ready made processed bikkies.  Oh to have a packet mix like the store boxed ones.  Add water and you are done.  Well when we go camping we have made our own mixes for pancakes so why not do the same at home.  I was reminded of this as I scanned through Pinterest and came across this post and this one.  And while I was on to the baking thing I might as well make some bread mixes as well. 

So it takes a bit of time, but oh the time that you save when you come to make them.  Getting all the ingredients out at once and making up bags instead of doing it one at a time when you go to cook soon adds up.  I wrote on each bag what was in it and what needed to be added.  For recipes that require separate steps like creaming the butter and sugar I put this in a separate smaller bag inside.

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I have been doing this for about six months now.   I keep them in a lidded container in the pantry.  I certainly notice when I haven't set them up.  It has also made me try out some new recipes.  Next job to post the recipes I use.

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