Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I choose - November

I choose
My intentions from One Little Word for November is 'connect enough'. As I look back to last month I find that it flows well from accomplishing enough, as I have finished things I have made more time for relationships.  I booked in the social event with the women at church.  A day of crafting and catching up with people I know.  There weren't many there but it is a start of things to come.  I have been more available and am looking at how I can invite connections into my life.  I came across this quote on the net.
#quotes.  Be that person
I want to live like that.

While I haven't finished the projects that I started I am well on the way and in the process have discovered some things that I want to implement into my life next year that will help with staying on top of my creative projects.

A big jump forward has been in getting together the plans for our studio space. This started as a dream 10 years ago and is starting to take more shape as we are realising it could become a reality next year.  Exciting.  It says much about God's timing.  I am always wanting things to happen.  To be sorted and in control.  It is when I let go and live in the margin that God does mighty things.

Choices for November
Be available for people
Keep simplifying so I can

This little light of mine

Our group finished the latest study from Hello Mornings and the next one isn't starting until later in the new year.  So our fabulous group leader found a great Christmas advent study -Keeping our Hearts focused on Jesus by Good Morning Girls.  It has daily readings and some great activities to do with your kids.  I have become so much more aware of how busy things get around Christmas and am looking forward to the focus that this study will give me, especially as I prepare for what is ahead each day.

I was motivated by the first activity to light a candle and went out and bought some bits to put together a family advent candle set. It didn't take much but it has brought some great discussion to the dinner table conversations.

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