Friday, September 14, 2012

To the power of three

To the power of 3
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

A car is made to run on gasoline and it would not run properly on anything else. Now God designed the human machine to run on Himself. He Himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is not any other. That is why it is just no good asking God to make us happy in our own way. God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing. CS Lewis

Whatever you think of me and what I do. It is not about me. For everything I do there is one thing I changed to make it happen and several things that I choose not to do. Since making the date for the night  I originally shared this message,  I had been so challenged about what I  shared. I had nothing else booked for that week. As it happens things changed and I had had more than I could possible imagine fitting in. That day alone I prepared for the night, went to the school cross country, visited my son's intermediate open day, and had soccer practice on top of what I already do in a day {which always seems like not much when you have a 3 year old helping}. At every turn I have met with struggle. 

But I am always reminded that He has overcome the world and I need to press on.  Phil 3:14  If God can handle eternity then I can handle today.

There is something powerful in meeting with someone and sharing the journey.  Why wait for the next big thing, inspiring speaker or programme. I believe we have what we need, we just need to access it. We as a group of women have the opportunity to do more than has been before. To define our lives not let life define us. To stand together to be enough. Confident with where we are, yet fighting for who we hope to become. And pass it on.

There is so much more but for now - enough said
but keep watching this space..........

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