Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A new beginning

It has been sometime since I wrote.  Where have I been? On Sunday September 16th, 2012 my world was changed forever when I got the news that my Dad has passed away suddenly.  It has taken some time to get back to routines and do more than just going through the motions of life.

Yesterday was the first day I have felt the heaviness lift.  I heard this line in a song - Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, and read this post - How to Handle Losses at A Holy Experience.  I choose to praise Him.

Through it all I have learnt much. Even as I write this post I found these posts How to Live the Really Best Bucket List and How to Live, Blog, Write.  I know that I have more to say.  It is just going to take some time.

For now here is the poem that I wrote for Dad.

There are not enough words
Or pages I can find
To write a fitting legacy
For you are one of a kind

But the words they start to come
And the memories overflow
The stories keep on coming
From the lives you've touched of those you know

At the place that we call home
Your fingerprints are everywhere
There's not a place I can look
That doesn't radiate your care

You always had the time
No matter how long it would take
You knew what was important in life
It's not things, but the memories you make

You always taught us to be our best
In your quiet way
I'm proud, stand tall, be true, be you
Do what you've set your mind to is what you'd say

The greatest gift a father can give
You proved time and again
Is to love their mother
You were her soulmate and her friend

You are our rock of strength
A solid stone beneath our feet
You gave us roots and wings to fly
And touch the lives of those we meet

You've laid your tools to rest
Hung up your rod and hat
Your hard work is now done
Put your boots down by the mat

The time has come, it is too soon
I still can't believe you're gone
It is good night and not goodbye
In us your legacy lives on

With hugs and kisses I know full well
He's waiting for you there
So into the Father's arms
I dedicate your care

Now to those of you who knew him
There is just one thing I ask of you
The love he shared, please pass it on
One of the greats has gone, but it's time the ripple grew.


The last verse of the poem refers to the stones that we used in the service.  When you throw a stone in water the ripples that result radiate outward.  Dad was our rock and in memory we can carry on the love that he shared.  So everyone was invited to take a stone when they came to put a flower on the casket.  The idea was to throw it into water or place it somewhere as a reminder of how Dad touched their lives.

Till next time


  1. What a beautiful poem Colleen. May you find comfort in the verses you have written; it is often in the act of writing that we find a sense of Gods peace and restoration. Thank you for sharing, and giving us a glimpse into the life of a man that is very dear to you. I pray that you will find comfort from Psalm 61 and that you will find shelter in his loving care.

  2. Colleen, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. My heart simply breaks. Your poem for your dad shows your love for him so clearly and your strong faith. May your memories continue to provide you and your family with peace. I lost my dad suddenly six years ago and my heart is heavy for you, but I feel strongly my dad's love in my heart day in and day out. Sending lots of love to you and your family.


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