Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Such a great post today.  Miriam gave some great thought into how we play the numbers game. I love the fact that by linking in at Wardrobe Wednesday we are keeping it real. I found this verse via pinterest. 
1 Peter 3: 3-4
A great reminder to keep things in perspective when it comes to fashion.  We shouldn't be obsessed about it but neither should we be so unconcerned that we don't bother.  I am enjoying putting together different pieces that I have and finding gems at pre-loved clothing stores.

Last week at Wardrobe Wednesday I mentioned having a pattern for a wrap that I wanted to make. Well I found the perfect material and got onto it last week.  My first attempt at creating something myself.   So here is me in some of the different styles you can wear it. Still getting used to how it works. Definitely have my favourites. Still thinking that I put too much material in the back piece as there seems to be a lot to gather.

Joining in at Create Hope Inspire

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  1. Love that verse! and your quote at the top is great too. What a versatile garment. My favs are the tunic and the blouse. Love the fabric colour and drape. Thanks for joining in again!


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