Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plus One

Ever said to yourself I will do............. when I …............ but, I am not there yet. Something I always said until I discovered there is no there. There will always be something else. Life is continually changing. Even with a destination it is not about the arrival but who we become. We get so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done we do nothing. The phrase that women can do anything has been misinterpreted as women can do everything. We can do everything................. we are supposed to do................ but not all at once.

In my previous enough posts I outlined how we need to see who we are, what we have and what we do, as enough.  God loves us just as we are but he loves us too much to leave us this way.

We all have to do lists and things we want to improve on.  What if instead of trying to do it all we chose one thing that would make a difference and do it.  I always ask myself 'how good would it feel if I ...........' 

I have been really challenged by the Faith at Home series that the church has put together. There are a number of things that I have been meaning to do. My Faith box is collecting dust, we really only say grace on occasion. So I was inspired by something I saw on the internet. A family basket that had prayer sticks and study notes and children's bibles. . Til then I had put the bibles by the childrens beds thinking we would read them more. So I put it together and put it on the table. No we didn't do anything with it. It sat. The boys asked questions. I told them what it was. We eat meals to nourish us and give us energy for living. We read the word – the bread of life to give us food for our growth as a Christian. I have been reading my word for today more. At the end of meals we have read one or two stories and studies. All from doing one thing. 

If I know where I want to go then each step I take towards it is a step in the right direction. I remind myself how good it feels to be where I want to be. As much as I love achieving something I am enjoying what happens along the way. Something my boys have taught me. Riley loves to stop and smell the roses.

You have to know where you are headed. What is your purpose?  What is your one thing? I read this post just the other day from Brave Girls Club

Dear Seeking Girl,
So much of the greatest joys in
life come from moving something out of the way so we can see what we are
intended to see. Often we focus on a problem or an issue, sometimes doing it to
ourselves, and sometimes allowing someone else to keep putting something
stressful in front of us over and over again. And then it grows so big that we
can not see everything else around it, behind it, above it, below
Everything has a place. Everything has a time. Everything has a
When we allow something to consume all of our thoughts, all of
our vision, all of our energy, to suck up all of our joy, all of our heart, all
of our goodness, we are not letting anything else in our life have its place,
its time or its season.
If the issue that is causing you to struggle was
written on a tiny piece of paper and you put it RIGHT in front of your eyes, it
would make it so that you could see nothing else. It wouldn’t MEAN that nothing
else was there, it would just mean that it is not in its place. Take that “piece
of paper” and put it down on a table where you can see it with everything else,
how small it is, how much surrounds it, how much bigger the sun and the sky and
everything good is, how it does not deserve as much attention from you as it is
Dear friend, beautiful girl, take that worry from in front of
your face and see the people who love you, the way things keep working out, the
way the sun rises each morning. Hear the sounds of your life, taste the tastes
of your life, remember the things you have already learned and been through.
Remember how you want to feel and where you want to be. Pick it up as needed and
deal with it as needed, but then put it back down and live your life. Life is
meant to be joyful.
You are so loved. There is a better way. Always go
where the peace is.

What change could you make that would make a big difference to how you live your life?

I am happy. Not because of my circumstances but because

I do not do this alone. 

To be continued.....

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