Monday, October 31, 2011

She Will Run

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Every Tuesday during term time I am a part of a great team that heads up Mainly Music at Northpoint Church in Bell Block, New Plymouth. As part of our time we have started a session that runs after the music time with the children. Welcome to those who have joined me already.

This term we are looking at the study that has been developed from the book 'She Will Run' by Suzie Botross. It has been specifically geared towards mum's. 'If you are a woman hungry to be more,live more, enjoy more, love more,and influence more,this book is for you! She Will Run is designed to help you not only develop personal life skills but also to help you thrive in your relationships with others....'

Life sometimes feels like a race that we can't win. We run in circles, run and never catch up and run til we drop. 'She Will Run' gives us a focus for equiping and inspiring you to run your race. You have been designed for a specific purpose. It is my hope as we journey through the series together we will find tools and ideas to stay on the track set before us, to run our best race and make a difference.

We are all in this together. While we might think that others have it all together and are living a life that we can only dream about, what you realise is that you only get a small piece of the picture. I often get the comment {after people find out I have 4 boys} 'I don't know how you do it' I hope you can find the answer here on my blog. And that you would capture the gems that I have discovered to live a sorted life.

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