Friday, April 19, 2013

Holiday Fun

The school holidays are here.  Two weeks, four boys of different ages who are now into different things, higher chance of wet or wild weather makes for stressful times.  Unless..........  you organise things.  I have been talking about getting organised for the holidays each time they roll around.  It is on my choices for April.  I have pinned numerous ideas and never got on to them.  Until now.   Sure I would love to do everything and have it sorted.  But if my word for the year is enough then that is all I need to do or I do nothing.  Take one idea and get it going.  Then do the next thing.  It always works and yet I don't always follow my own advice.

So here is the list of what I thought about doing.  We are heading away for some of the holidays and like to catch up with friends so it will be good to have some ideas for the inbetween moments.

Whenever there is down time we tend to gravitate to watching a movie or going on the computer. It would be great to have an incentive for getting into books.  Both my husband and I love to read and want to do more to get our boys enjoying it to.  There are so many great titles out there.

One of the boys has a science kit.  A great opportunity to get it out and use it as well

My usual holiday thing especially in the cooler months is to make sure we get out and enjoy the outdoors when we can.  So this will help with getting us motivated.

This one comes up a lot especially as we have such a wide range of ages in our house.  Most of the time it is simply a case of not knowing what to do rather than not having something to do.

We already have a box with ideas of all the activities inside and out that they can do.  It needs a bit of work to make it more interesting and useable

The boys Aunty works at an Art Studio and has also invited them to spend a day with her

I will keep you posted on how we get on.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I choose - April

The most significant achievement for me from my choices last month has been establishing what is enough for me in my daily routine.  I have an ideal in mind of how I want to start the day.  What actually works has been to take things in little steps.  I think I need to write more on this one.

I have put together the photos I want printed and need to do the final check before sending off the order.  Because I have had other projects on the go it hasn't been needed.  I am looking at doing it in the next week though as there are a number of photos that I want to scrapbook.

With the weather getting cooler by the day, I have also had a re-sort in my wardrobe.  It gave me a chance to pull out some of the things that I don't wear and add some new pieces to some things that mean I am now wearing them.  Again another post in the making.

I mentioned last month that I felt like I had been doing more.  What was holding me back was all the everyday things that tend to drag me down because no matter how often you do them they are back again the next day.  I feel like I have really been off my game.    I have started to work through this and will be putting together the ideas to share.

My intentions from One Little Word for April is 'Share enough'. As I have been working on the changes to my blogs I have been looking at how I want to use them.  I have also been thinking about how my word 'enough' came about.  It was not long after sharing my message that my father passed away and with Christmas, birthdays and the new year starting school among other things it is certainly time to get back together with friends.

Choices for April
Pack away things from summer
Finish cleaning the house
Set up for the school holidays
Write the blog posts that have been waiting to be written 
Put together the plans for the studio ready to start seeing what is available
Make dates for social events

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I choose - March

I know, I know,  March has come and gone.  My choices for this month have been somewhat of a carry on from last month. With February being a shorter one I realised that I wanted to do more than I was able. While I thought that I would be able to get onto things that I wanted to do the change of pace with having boys in three different places has been a lot to keep up with.

I am pleased with the progress that I made with the changes to my blog and am looking forward to continuing the set up of how I want to use it.  I also joined two study groups through church and am enjoying going deeper in the word and being a part of supporting others.  Leading the team at Mainly Music has also been a big part of this month as we are setting up for the year and making changes to the session.

While I never got onto finishing the last of the projects for the Big Picture Class Home Blessings that I had taken earlier in the year, I have been completing other projects that have been in the to do pile.  This has allowed room for sorting the photos that I want to get printed.  I am really enjoying my creative time with the changes that I made to my space.

So with my intention being to do enough it seems I have been doing more.  What I realised is that I know what it is that I want to be doing.  The struggle comes in working through the other things that hold me back from doing them.

My intentions from One Little Word for March is 'I am enough'. With so many things from the media that influence my thinking about who we should be and how we should look this is something that I continue to work on.

Choices for March
Establish a good morning routine
End each day with a nightly routine
Order photos and supplies to set up my Project Life album
Re-evaluate my wardrobe

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