Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome to the chaos

When I was deciding on the name for my blog I came up with sorted life not because it is sorted, because then I would have to call it perfect life. Sorted implies that I have it all together and everything happens as it should which is far from the truth. No I called it sorted life because it fits with my creative blog sorted scrapper but more because I have discovered that by choosing what is important I am sorted in life.

Right now I am happy. Not because of my circumstances but because I choose to be. At the time I started this blog this was the state of my bedroom and lounge. We are the proud owners of an eight week old puppy that has added a new spice to our family (hence why we called him Cajun) The week prior to getting him was spent getting ready for him and I have been throwing everything on my desk and floor and shutting the door. Before this state of chaos would have driven me crazy because I like everything to be in its place. But I am able to look at it and know that it doesn't mean I am untidy but that we had something more important to do. I got to go to an amazing conference. We started soccer and Logan scored his first goal. We spent time together as a family going fishing. The pile of washing is at least dry. I just need to fold it up.

I can't do everything. There are only a certain number of hours in the day and most of mine are spent with my children. I do however have a choice about how I spend those hours. I want to share how I do that here.

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