Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Living Life - Counting One Thousand Gifts

I love those moments in life when everything stops and you realise that all is well. I have remained focused on organising the things in my life so I can do all the amazing things that I was made to do.   Next stop the filing cabinet and my meal planning.

thank you for 

#2 sunshine on a frosty day
#3 a chance to finish my summer photo album - great memories
#4 quiet
#5 creative time with friends last night
#6 being organised for our planning meeting tonight
#7 getting washing dry

 Joining with Anne at Holy Experience in counting one thousand gifts

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One thousand gifts

I have been following A Holy Experience blog for sometime. I have the book One thousand gifts on my wish list and keep intending to write my gifts. We had the opportunity to have Jo Hood from Mainly Music join our church to share. You can hear her words of wisdom here. One thing I took away from the teaching was that intentions never usually amount to much more than a maybe one day. What we need to be is deliberate. So I have a purpose to be thankful for the gifts that I have in my life so I deliberately wrote here and I have printed the June dare. I have begun.

thank you God for 
#1 helping me making a start on something I want to do

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