Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wardrobe sort

The weather is definitely changing and I am digging out some of my favourites from the wardrobe to keep warm. In doing so I found a few not so favourites and thought it was time I had another look at my wardrobe to see what needs to move on and what I do have to wear. I am definitely an advocate for feeling better when you look your best. While I don't have much chances to dress up and love being comfortable, dressing casually doesn't mean you can't look good I have always been a fan of Trinny and Susannah and other shows like Gok. What I love about their shows is that they deal with the real you. Loving the skin you're in so to speak. No surgery or major dieting required. Having stumbled across a book called Colour me Confident on special about dressing to suit your style and colours I put what I had seen to the test and sorted my wardrobe. Sure you can pay loads to have your own personal consultant but it gave me a start. Now I love to shop as I know what suits me. I know what I have and buy things to add to what I've got. Which is great for when there are sales. Which is exactly what I found the last couple of days. I happened to be at the right place at the right time. 30% off one top that I had seen and liked elsewhere and 25% at another store. Now if I could just find the right pair of black shoes to replace the ones the puppy chewed I will be happy. The pain about having such big feet!

If you are feeling like you don't have anything to wear maybe its time you had a look at what you've got. It starts with accepting what you look like and making something of it. Sometimes adding a few simple things to your wardrobe can make all the difference. And the next time you see someone looking good in something don't be jealous, get inspired. You might not be able to wear what they wear (you're not them) but what was it that caught your eye? The colour, the way they put their outfit together, the accessories. It certainly has made a difference to me. And others have noticed to. Accentuate your assets and they don't see the flaws (and yes we all have them). And remember that your biggest asset is not what you look like but what is on the inside. But that is another story I will get to another time.

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