Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Sunshine. It does wonders to the soul. 

This may look just like a pile of washing.  But, do you see the sunlight?  It brings new life and joy.  It may seems simple but the act of getting washing out, in and folded and away in the same day is bliss.  It has been so long wet, windy and grey I had almost forgotten what the warmth of those rays can do.

When life gets chaotic and I struggle to find breath for even the basics of life I take hold of what I can control.  Embrace the imperfection and instead do enough to make it better.  There are so many things that I want to improve around our place.  If you check out my pinterest page you will find many beautiful images that I would love to have in my space.  Until then I am content with what I have.  It is not an easy choice.  I am learning to find joy in the scratches and dings and the brokeness by holding on to what has already come to be, through time and hard work and saving for better things.

So yesterday I set about making some changes {sorting again as my darling husband calls it}.  I started with the car.  It is well used and needed a clean.  Heading in to summer calls for beach gear and hats and sunscreen to replace the beanies and jackets of winter.  It was getting into a shambles so I added a bucket for the new found bits and pieces and tidied away the old.
Spare clothes bag.  A set for each boy plus spare hats etc 
so we can enjoy wherever we go without fear of getting dirty or wet.
Bucket with sports gear, towels, hats, sunscreen and a picnic rug.

On to the pantry.  If you look closely into the back you will see that my pantry is actually the hot water cupboard. One day I will have a pantry.  Till then I was sick not being able to get at things and everything tipping out so I pulled it out and had a rearrange.

Lying around the kitchen I have had several boxes and bags of goodies - chilles, grapefruit and more.  So I tidied and squeezed and cut.  Now I have bench to work on again and nothing to trip over.

It may seem like a lot but it didn't take too long and everything I used I already had on hand.  When all was done I was even able to bike to the park on the way to kindy for some time with my little helper.

Even better is that today I am having a great day.  The morning get up and off was the best it has been and the cupboard is now full with groceries.  It feels good to be sorted.

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