Thursday, October 17, 2013

I choose - July, August, September

I choose
July was half way through and I started writing this post. 3 months later and I found the draft I had started.  I have been very absent of late.  I keep thinking that I should post a small note at the top of my blog "If I haven't been here it is because I am living"  not that I don't have things to write about.

My intentions from One Little Word for July was 'enough dreams'. For August was 'care enough'. For September was 'plan enough'.

As I dwell on all of this I can see how appropriate this is for me right now.  With travelling, all the sickness we had and busyness of life, you just knuckle down and weather the storm.  The what ifs and doubts creep in and I wonder just what I hope I have of accomplishing the day to day, let alone something bigger   There is often no room for dreaming.  I find it hard to take care of me let alone others.  I had plans just what has become of them?

Where am I at now?  Only because of what I set in motion here.  Grounded in faith I weathered the storm. What I wrote in this post  keeps me going.   Seems I am not the only one who knows this.  I caught up on blog reading and found this at Beautiful Things.  I love how when you are tuned into the voice of God you are more aware of his whisperings.

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