Thursday, June 20, 2013

In Memory of Nana

Olive Beatrice Mae King
17 August 1927 - 21 June 2012

You slipped away that night
beneath the moon, twas but a sliver
painted in the sky
a message you wanted to deliver

as I drove away
it was the sight I saw
a last glimpse of you
before you knocked at heaven's door

while I didn't want to go
I had done my part
in writing your last chapter
it will remain forever in my heart

though the bindings cracked
and the favourite pages seem to bend
your life tells a story
worth reading to the end

as the memories overflow
what first comes to mind
was the times spent as a family
these days that's something that is very hard to find

we would pile round to your place
whatever the occasion
for wonderful food and staying up late
seemed it never took much persuasion

there was cotton reels to play with
and sliding down the stairs with cousins
board games and hide & seek
fun and laughter by the dozen

BBQ's a plenty
and fishing at the beach
then of course a fry up
at a level the shops just couldn't reach

Christmas was the best
with presents and food piled high
the chance to share this last with you
something we couldn't let go by

who can forget the hours
we put in at the farm we called our second home
there were carrots, parsnips and pumpkins
all scrubbed and tossed until they shone

I've never come across a strawberry
that is quite the same
countless dagwood sandwiches
with a cuppa for smoko to keep up our game

every school holiday
after grocery shopping with our Mum
we'd end up at your place with a donut
after hot chicken and coleslaw on our bun

the times when we were sick
it seemed we always knew
we could make a bed on your couch
and watch you sew as your pile of curtains grew

each time I went to brownies
you were always there
my proudly sewn on badges
a tribute to your hard work and care

you were always so proud
of the young ones as you called us
you were always the first I called to share results
a hearty congratulations was the chorus

and so the tale is almost told
this life we are passing through
the memories are so very near
of special times with you

but, the stars and moon are gone
seems all that's left to do
is take my rest
and the time to cry over losing you

Yet they are tears of joy
though not without its trials
we celebrate a life well lived
saved by grace you wear a smile

And know that God works it all for good
It's part of his amazing plan
so for now it is goodbye
till we meet again

By Colleen

Taking time to remember a loved Nana and Great Nana

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