Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I choose - June

I choose
Only half way through the month.  I realised as I reflect on last month and look ahead to what I wanted to focus on this month, I have unintentionally achieved what I wanted to look at for this month.  It just goes to show that when you place things visibly before you they are more obvious.

My intentions from One Little Word for June is 'enough faith'. So many self help books and goal setting advice strives for a balanced life.  It was life changing when I came to the knowledge that to live fully I need to embrace the different elements of my life, not try and fit them into a certain time slot in my day or week.  In Stephen Covey's book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People he highlights the 4th Habit - Put First Things first as setting what is most important and putting it first.  To know what is important we need to look at what we centre our life on.  In this post from my series enough I touched on what that looks like for me.  Not Christ first - but Christ centred.

So I look back to look forward.  Last month's intentions will filter through to now as I continue with what enough faith looks like for me.

Choices for June
 Take part in study groups at church
Take Hello Mornings to the next level
Pray like I mean it
 Worship more than just on Sunday


  1. A good focus for the month! Faith. I love this. We've been talking about praying like we mean it too, and have nutted out that the more Christ-centred we are, the more we will naturally pray like we mean it...it's probably not something you will need to try to do. I think you will be praying for the things Christ puts on your heart and you'll be praying in His name. Whole-heartedly.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Susan. It does seem to be that as I have focused on my faith it has become more natural to live a Christ centred life and the things that flow like prayer have been the fruits.


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