Monday, November 7, 2011

Reset button

Right now I am back from teaching the next session in our 'She will run' series at Mainly Music. Last week I couldn't get to writing my blog till later in the week. This week my son fell asleep on the way home so I took the chance to start writing while it was fresh in my mind. Until I took a look at what was still to do around me. A load of washing to put away, toys scattered about, washing to sort and a pile of dishes on the bench. Sound familiar? Some people can block out the things that need to be done and focus on what they are doing. I have got better at it but it definitely bugs me and I can't focus unless there is sense in the chaos. I had to make a choice. Spend a whole lot of time getting onto the tasks {and then get nothing done that I wanted to do}, leave it {and get frustrated and overwhelmed when you have 10 more things to add to list of to do's} OR

Time to push the reset button

Knowing it isn't possible to get everything done, I ask myself 'what things can I do now to move one step closer to getting the job done?' I give myself a time limit. In this case 5-10 mins. And I went for it. The dishes went in the dishwasher and the rest for washing are in a pile to be washed. The bench is wiped. The washing came off the line and now I am ready to hang the next load. The toys are off the floor and back in the box.

I have a mental list of things that I do to reset. Some of them are daily things. Some take more time. I wrote more about my thoughts in this post.

Top of my list is making my bed. A small thing that takes just moments {because I don't stress about getting hospital corners} But as it is the focus of the room I know that I feel good to have it done as I walk in. I can deal with other things that haven't been done.

What tops your list. Is there one thing that you can do that makes you feel like you can deal with things? Lets face it the day to day things we do as mums often leave us feeling like we haven't achieved anything. As soon as something is done it is just as quickly undone and more things are added. We don't get credit, often aren't thanked or rewarded. So find something that you can be satistied with and pat yourself on the back when you've done it.

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