Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some time for myself

Had some much needed time out to get my haircut today. It is one of the things that you really can't do with children about, but feels so much better especially when it is overdue. As much as I would love to spoil myself and get a colour and spend some time at the hairdressers. For some people this is the perfect treat and a must do. I don't have that time luxury and like to spend the money on other things. So it was off to Just Cuts which is fab as you don't need an appointment. The only downside is you can't guarantee you will get the same stylist each time. I get around this by having pictures ready either from magazines or from the web of what I am wanting. I now just need to do the dye (which I can sometimes get Mum to do when I see her). The products are relatively easy to use. There are other great money saver ideas if you know where to find them. Like hairdressing school (money saver), dye your main colour and get your hairdresser to add highlights (money saver), asking whether your hairdresser will put your colour in and then you go home and rinse out yourself (time saver). How do you get your hair done?

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