Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Little Word - February

The prompt for February was to create a vision board. I have read about these and it was fun to take up the challenge. It didn't necessarily have to follow with your word but I found that as I pulled together the pictures that caught my attention I found they were in direct reflection of what I have been trying to bring about with my word for the year - enough. I have had my pictures for some time and every so often I have added a bit here and there. With everything else that needed doing aside I put some time aside to put it together. 

I created the board around my focus picture - the ripple in the water.  It is significant for me as I used the illustration at my father's funeral.  One drop can cause a ripple and effect so many.  What is enough for me that I can have an effect on others?  Each of the other pictures flow from this.  About life slowing down, enjoying moments, giving thanks and loving life.  Love how it came together.

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