Friday, February 8, 2013

Hello Mornings


I started.  Back to school, back to routine.  Time to do what I have longed for.  To establish a good morning routine.  It sets the day.

It was a beautiful one. 

My aim was for 7.00

My journals and books ready 

and then........

while it would be awesome to be up and to study and pray {let alone exercise as is suggested},  it is enough that I am up.  It is going to take time to get to where I want to be.  While I am waiting I do the next thing.  For now that is being up by 7, reading my Word for Today, focusing on what needs to be done and what I want to get done as I start the day.  I have been reading my study book Desperate and keeping up with where the study is online.  Next is to write about it.

I keep burning the candle at the other end.  Staying up late trying to get more done.  What I realise is that to set the day up right would mean that I am able to do what I should be because I am not trying to catch up.  The start of the year is always full on with starting back to school and everyone's birthday between December and April.  Something I keep having to remind myself of.   I have lots I want to accomplish.  I can't do it all so I need to start with what is important.

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