Saturday, March 26, 2011

It has been awhile

I keep meaning to write. I have so many things that I have learnt and want to pass on. I have posted so many times on my creative blog. It seems easier. Its not that I have nothing to say I have just been doing it. Living life and having a chance to write about it are each a full time thing.

So when I sat down to check out some of my favourites for some reflection and inspiration I was amazed just how relevant they are for me right now. And I had to share it. I have been asking a lot of questions lately and the answers keep on coming.

I started here at A life in need of change and here at Big Mama.

One thing that I have really been wanting to post is my word for the year - be {a whole post in itself}. Reading these really reiterated why I chose this word. To know oneself and what one ought to be and be it.

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